Local Talent Placement

We at Manpower Access Pte Ltd. understand the various concerns an employer has on finding their ideal candidate for them as it can often be a challenge. Not having the correct approach can oftentimes be extremely costly, time-consuming and tiring. That is why we are here to take the burden off you and to simplify your decision making. With our group of talented and knowledgeable consultants, we are equipped with handling all employers' concerns, requirements and expectations to expertly execute them. All our thought out plans along with our in-depth resources, every step is strategized by understanding the type of candidate best fitted for you. We aim to make this entire procedure a hassle-free process to focus on growing and managing your business for you.

Hiring Process

We have pledged to find and connect the worthiest candidate with outstanding employers having both parties’ best needs in mind. Our ultimate goal is to make your experience with us as seamless, effective and memorable as possible in finding your ideal candidate for your company. To show you a brief example of our process in finding a potential match between employee and employer, we take the following steps: