Foreign Talent Placement

Manpower Access Pte Ltd specializes in international recruitment solution for Singapore industry.  It is a fact that there’s a shortage of certain specified skills in Singapore. We provide quality foreign talent to fulfill different sector unique features and requirement, be it in unskilled, semi-skilled or highly skilled professionals. We stand by a strong network from China, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Philippines and Myanmar and other neighboring countries in outsourcing process, with a procedure that boast stringent selections protocols of foreign candidate.
To achieve customer satisfaction, we work closely with employers from the very first step of  recruitment process for as long as the candidates’ employment period. Our comprehensive range of foreign employment services are as follows:
  • Assist client in conducting interview of the short-listed candidates, as per request
  • Advice in solving any unforeseen problems throughout period of employment
  • Administrative services relating to Ministry of Manpower (MOM) during workers’ employment
  • Assist in repatriation of workers upon termination of employment agreement
Employment Permits
  • Application Industrial Classification, for those who employs foreign workers for the first time
  • Application for In-Principle Approval (IPA) for work passes (WP/SP/EP)
  • Renewal/cancellation/collection of work passes (WP/SP/EP)
Local Procedures Arrangement
  • Security bond
  • Medical insurance
  • Medical check-up
  • Registration at the Work Pass Service Centre (WPSC) for thumb print procedures
Transport & Accommodation
  • Provide pick ups for candidates from Changi Airport to quarters
  • Locate suitable lodging
  • Arrange for free placement of workers, if required