Our Vision

Our intent is to provide exceptional both local and foreign recruitment services to our clients by consistently matching ideal candidates for an optimal person-job fit.

Excellent local & foreign recruitment services -> Specialized Skill Set in local & foreign recruitment

We aim to provide excellent local and foreign recruitment services through delivering people who are ideal for the profession,

Excellent local & foreign Recruitment Services

Passionate Specialists

Manpower Access Pte Ltd was founded in the year 2012 and has since been your one stop recruitment agency for multiple industries. With our passionate and skilful specialists, we offer both local and foreign recruitment needs for your company.


We believe that consistent standards and up-to-date skillsets are required in implementing stringent guidelines that govern our recruitment services. Working alongside selected partners that have an aptitude of producing quality talents in order to provide the best employment possible. We are committed with the intentness of constantly updating and bettering ourselves with the rules and regulations from the Ministry of Manpower.

Skilled Specialists

Constantly keeping our clients’ best interest in our minds, our specialists are a team of seasoned staffing consultants ready to expedite quality person-job matches. Our team has in-house market analysts that regularly perform extensive research on monitoring and identifying trends in industries to provide advice and any up-to-date knowledge crucial in finding our clients’ ideal candidate. On top of extensive research, our extensive and continuous updated network access is used to match biodatas between employer and employee’s requirements to then boast one consolidated topmost outcome.

Vigilant Eyes

With a world of endless possibilities, we at Manpower Access Pte Ltd are constantly evolving with the markets. Understanding that each sector faces their individual challenges, we offer customized solutions that address your company’s HR needs. We believe in using a more holistic approach in assisting clients for every process taken by our experienced and skilled personnel to ensure every step and follow-up is done thoroughly.