Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Manpower Access Pte Ltd’s RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) solution is a full life-cycle recruitment and additional “add-on” operation that combines our skilled recruiters with the highest development of technology to streamline the recruitment process, optimize both employer and candidates experience which improves quality of hire. Through exceptional data resources, solutions provided by our recruiters to coordinate talent and business strategies together to bring in the quintessential talent into your organization whilst reducing recruitment costs.

Why do I need RPO?

  • By implementing a ‘fit for purpose’ recruitment solution, you will see an improvement in your company’s performance and growth by recruiting the best talent out there.
  • The availability of more resources when your company is in an urgent need to fill a position in order for your business to own the necessary tools for advancement.
  • With RPO, your company is able to jumpstart and provide the right support needed from day one, making it smooth for you to recruit and invest.
  • Transferring part or all of your recruitment processes can reduce costs and extend employee retention.

Advantages of RPO

  • Owning the flexibility of the service helps reduce total recruitment expenditure spent by a considerable amount.
  • RPO providers can substantially reduce any risk to your organization by ensuring you procure the ideal candidate for your job roles.
  • When the RPO provider has the appropriate expertise in the relevant area will result in an improved quality of employees for your company and increase your overall employee retention rate.
  • By outsourcing your recruitment process to an external provider will allow your business to fully focus on its core objectives.